Verified Visuals : Week One

The music video is an essential piece to an artist’s image. Visuals bring songs to life, they put a face to the lyrics, and open the music up to a larger audience. A high-quality visual can take a song and completely change the original perception, it allows listeners to revisit what they might have missed. Artists have to put their faith into their videographer, visual artists have immense responsibility with the portrayal of the song in their hands. Videos are dropping left and right every week, there are always a select few that push the bar higher. These are the “Verified Visuals”:

Mavi – Sense (prod. Earl Sweatshirt) Directed by Revenxnt

In the middle of selling out back to back shows, Mavi drops a movie with Revenxnt. “Sense” is a concise track, that is his specialty, the ability to say a lot without saying too much. He is generous with thoughts and stingy with words. Memorable lyrics over the production from the mind of Earl Sweatshirt. They’re outside with it, representing Charlotte in a Larry Johnson jersey underneath the North Face. Shots transition back and forth from the train to cloudy streets, Rev completes the picture with his signature effects. This video will be a historical landmark, believe that.


Flee & Stoopidxool – Swish/Use 2 Feat. Brent Faiyaz Directed by The Digggers

One of the hottest songs from the end of the summer finally starts to get the love it deserves. Flee and Stoopidxool’s Xool Summer is easily one of the most slept on projects out still. The Digggers did what they do on this one, if they’re behind the lens, it’s a wrap. Clips from what looks like a solid function, Flee is sporting Tuff Crowd, Brent is on a bike smoking gas, they’re the life of the party.


Larry June & Cardo – Organic Fatherhood Directed by GirlsLoveTrey

Audis, Rolex watches, exquisite views, the finest of beverages, this is another day in the life of Larry June. He’s making moves all day, making sure his son is straight. Watering the plants and doing the dishes, regular everyday activities, Organic Fatherhood. Cardo and Larry, Mr. Midnight, a necessary project to consistently revisit.


Griselda – Dr. Birds (prod. Daringer & Beat Butcha) Directed by Hype Williams

WWCD is still getting played on the regular, the “Dr. Birds” visual is a masterpiece with Hype Williams behind the camera. “Scotties” opens up the first 30-seconds as scenes of hundred dollar bills, barbed wire, and the city scape pan by in black and white. The beat switches abruptly to “Dr. Birds” as paint splatters and Westside Gunn stands alone, in a puffer-trenchcoat, mask down, the Fly God. Gunn, Conway, and Benny deliver their verses in a white room, colorful guns and paint are the sole edits executed. Simple but effective. “Told Virgil write Brick on my Brick!”


Two New Ankhlejohn Videos Directed by Sullyinnit

Day Two is the first to release, Ankhlejohn posts up at the skatepark. Production and editing are also done by him, taking the clips and making a split-screen effect. Putting himself next to footage of Ace watching money fall from the sky in the cleaners to Denzel playing Malcolm X.

Morton’s Menu is the next drop, the Big Lordy is mastering the split-screen editing. Dweeb provides an eerie beat for the unorthodox style of the D.C emcee.


BKTheRula – Tweakin’ Together (prod. Mars Beats) Directed by MaliPutYouOn

A video was certain to come out for Tweakin’ Together, BkTheRula delivers with direction from MaliPutYouOn. Switching from scenes outside getting T’d up with friends like Hook on top of an Audi to being solo in a green-lit room. The song finally is brought to life and will only keep gaining traction. Love Santana also released this week, Bk is out of here, to the moon!


Skunkz – 1911 (prod. J-Es) Directed by Tucker Des Lauriers

1911 is the prelude to Skunkz upcoming project Skunkz Ft. Skunkz, he is going harder than ever for this one. This J-Es produced track dropped exclusively on DeeplyRootedHipHip is the proof of that. A baseball bat sized wood is lit, the lighting is dark, Skunkz face fades in and out of visibility. His flow is polished, the lyrics are hardbody, real hustler music. Dorchester, Phoenix, LA, Skunkz is active.