Hook Amazes With Debut “Crashed My Car”

We’ve been waiting and watching for the next sensation to sweep the underground. It was inevitable of course, but Hook is the perfect person to hold the title as the scene’s chosen one. With her latest album Crashed My Car now officially out, Hook can finally be holstered on the shoulders of those that adore her and be carried to new and unprecedented heights. The ten track project delivers every part of her genius perfectly, signature adlibs standing behind a captivating and confrontational tone.

Tracks like Get Bacc give off NBA Jam vibes, and when combined with the same Odd Future energy that has caught the attention of its premiere member Earl, it’s no wonder that Hook is an anomaly in the today’s underground. Features comes from Lerado, and there’s nothing to say about that except that the two have an incredible level of chemistry. It also features Zack Fox and Almighty Suspect. Check out Crashed My Car below and let us know what you think.

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