Lil Xelly’s “Side Effects” Is A Sight To Behold

If you have been awaiting the arrival of Lil Xelly‘s highly anticipated project Side Effects as much as we have, then this is a very special occasion for us to celebrate together. Let us here at Fresh Fruit be the ones to tell you that this album is flawless. Laced front to back with lush melodies, both chords and autotuned, the 13 track journey pushes Xelly to the forefront of his own experimentation.

With a-list production from the likes of TDF, Brentrambo,Jamowitdabanger, Visual9, Kob, TylerGoldChains, BasedTJ, Soldado, Doofdum, Lonzcityy, Eski, Flex Malik, and b00radley, Xelly is given all the resources he needs to build a memorable soundscape that can and will no doubt be played for months to come. Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think.

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