Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Sadhugold – Infinite Wisdom

The lord, the acclaimed lyricist, Charlotte’s Jah-Monte Ogbonlinks up with the reputable Sadhugold. That alone should let you know the beats are going to be pristine, a welcoming atmosphere for Jah-Monte to rap circles. Every bar is well thought out, and he talks his shit exquisitely. Features come from Fly Anakin, BigKahunaOG, and Kil Ripkin only, who are undeniably worthy of rapping in his bracket. Graymatter sneaks in with two smooth beats, Ohblivcontrols production on the last track, Al Divino collaborates for a beat, the rest is all in Sadhugold’s hands. The 10 tracks have him rolling, if he’s on the same time as last year, we’re in store for lots of raps.

Favorite songs: “Self Taught Mathematics”, “World Wide Pt. 2” featuring Fly Anakin & BigKahunaOG, and “Trap Jumping With My Bitch”.

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