DJ Phat Presents “PTA (Phat Theft Auto)”

DJ Phat took All-Star weekend too seriously, the lineup for the Phat Theft Auto tape is insane. Nine tracks with carefully placed features. Underground heavy hitters all over this one, each song is a grail, not a single skip. This is fast life music, getting to the bag music, not for the weak minded. Put this on when you hop out of bed, instant kickstart. I said the artist lineup is nuts; Rewind Raps, DestroyLonely, Dc2Trill, JWitDaBeam, 10KDunkin, Tony Shhnow, Wasteey Monroe, OODaredevil, ZellyOcho, BoofBoiIcy, 95Reddo, Beezy B, Slimesito, and Moh Barretta. I wasn’t bs’ing! They all put up triple-doubles, you know they hopped on only the hardest production. The producers are just as impressive; Ditto, Sal Cooper, Camace, DKoolin, Swrv, LulCamerin0, Bhunna, SenseiATL, 2wo2imes, CaptainCrunch, and Tripp Dixon. This one is about to be in rotation the rest of the month, for sure.

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