A Brief Talk With FameKobain

As the NY drill scene is continuously evolving many artist haiiling from there have a chances to display their talents utilizing the sound. Unlike Chicago drill, New York drill music isn’t strictly centered around violence. Its the sound. It’s what you see. It’s the use of 808 slides, the eerie samples, the dance moves, the uncanny hi-hats, the true culture behind. But what’s deeper than that, it is truly becoming THE sound of the district as of late with many artist seeing massive commercial success. Fame Kobain is an artist from New York who isn’t a “drill” rapper but has used the elements to create what I would like to think is one of the best and most unique take on the new genre to date, Heavy On It, Keep reading to see how it was created:

Lonny: Yo what’s good Fame?

Fame: Heavy On It ! Everything Great What’s the word Lonny

Man, I came across Heavy On It while smoking with some of my boys, since then we probably play it 1-2 times a day. What inspired the song?

Fame: Na to be honest it’s funny how it came about. I had originally written the record as a remix to Sheff Gs panic part 3 instrumental and just never got around to recording it. It wasn’t till a year later I wanted to try a drill beat and when I came across the ryte beat it just came to mind.

I rapped the lyrics over the beat and changed a few things around and it went perfect recorded that and history. I really aint even like it honestly when it was done I never planned on releasing it but it had caught so much attention off the snippet I just did.

How long have you been making music? Is there anything or anyone that pushed you to the direction of music?

Fame: I could say the first time I wrote a lyric was like in the 6th grade i was probably like 11, 12 – but as for recording and really getting into studios and laying vocals have been doing that for about a few years but i aint start taking it really serious until like last year.

It was a lot that put me in the direction though just the music I was around from young, me being a fan of it and then wanting to create it. I don’t really know what initially made me want to write a bar I guess i just wanted to see if i could do it i was young though

That’s Awesome,What are your goals this year? Where can people find you?

Fame: This year’s goal is to just be consistent, put good music out there and keep the pressure coming. This year im tryna make a statement, and get that foot in the door.

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