Pro Zay – Foil

Pro Zay put his all into Foil, bar for bar, and line after line. His gritty vocals put the pressure on. Illustrious production drapes the 24-track project with a cast of renowned producers like MisturLoud, Keysun, Ed Glorious, Randy Stargate, Mane98, August Fanon, Sadhugold, Riley Lamarre, Timepiece, Hesh, BigDaddyChop, NCL-TM, Camoflauge Monk, Clai  Dye, Jlvsn, Dakota Carley, Benji, Doof, and Por Vida. He did not hold back, and everybody gets a piece of the shine. The sequencing is insane. Each side is broken into six tracks, creating sides A-D. There’s a new story every song and new orchestration in each side. Features come from CLWDWLKR, Tony Tone, Okir, 98Preem, Lamb Rabbit, and Teller Bank$. Thought, time, and dedication went into Foil, Pro Zay has been releasing relentlessly. He’s showing no signs of slowing down, but in the meantime check out the new release below.

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