The PNTHN Speaks On “Death Dimension”, “Julius” With Project Pat, & Their Tour

Eight musically inclined individuals coming together to carry a sound that bleeds Texas. Each of them excel at a particular craft, but they are all multitalented. Por Vida is an acclaimed producer and the group’s spirit guide. Tony Tone contributes unparalleled lyricism. Dc4prez is the nocturnal rapper from San Antonio. Kenny Casanova, the rapper from the dark side. TwoHorizonRa raps, engineers, and is an honorary member of the Akagi RedSuns. Otto plays DJ and producer, but can also go toe to toe with anyone in and outside his circle. Gulfwey raps and produces, the self-proclaimed bad guy of the group. Tre Von Tex, coming from Houston, raps and produces when he feels like it.

On the creative side Hotel Party contributes photography, and Christocantsee stands as leading videographer, K3ltron is the VHS videographer and designer. Hamze stands as the oracle of the group and assistant in the creative direction. As one, they are PNTHN. The group has taken off since their arrival on the scene in 2017. It has all been up from there, they have created a genuine fan base right in their home court. Winning over the people of Texas by carrying the torch of a deeply rooted southern sound. Taking control over every crowd that they entertain and connecting with people in a humanistic manner. They have come full circle and created a distinct sound that mirrors their lives, and the lives of those who listen. It is exactly what they want to hear.

September marked the release of the cohesive and defining project Death Dimension. The hefty thirteen track album essentially embodies what it means to make southside music. The project has been renowned by many and it is still rolling with a full head of steam. New music is right around the corner, as they’ve already started unleashing the storm.

I got the chance to speak with them as they’re kicking off the “Dimension De La Muerte Tour”.

Last September you guys released Death Dimension, what are some of your favorite memories from creating the project?

dc4prez: Recording Trapsody in New York at the same studio Mac Miller did Faces. *They all agreed with emphasis*

Por Vida: Personally, sonically curating a project that clearly takes after my influences and emotion. Efficiently creating exactly what i wanna listen to.

Kenny Casanova: It was a time on tour we were listening to all the songs we had prepared for Death Dimension. The songs weren’t even finished, but we were lookin at each other like yeah we got one on our hands.

TwoHorizonRa: Hearing about the concept from Kenny while on tour and then seeing it come to fruition as something that I felt really aligned with our lives at that point.

Tony Tone: Same with dc. Also I really enjoyed watching the album manifest into the final product from the first time we started talking about it. So many times we thought it was almost done until it was really done done.

TwoHorizonRa: Yeah, that one time Kenny was referring to in Orlando, sitting outside the van rapping unfinished verses was hella inspiring as far as finishing the project. Also when the tracklist was getting finalized and we threw it at his place, and in Buda.

Tony Tone: I would also add in recording the skits on the project at Kenny’s spot. Specifically the outro on Flat Swisha. First time we ran it front to back at Hamze’s spot was live as shit too.

Tre Von Tex: Favorite memory from DD is the recovery period we went through. We always putting on for each other, making each other better whether it’s rapping or personal situations. No matter what family pulls through and bonding, finding our identities again with the new decade approaching we came up through it.

The project received positive feedback from all over, as it deserved. What songs mean the most to each of you and why?

Tre Von Tex: Deathbed, gangsta boo, and Nopalitos.

dc4prez: Probably Limbo cause it perfectly depicted the cruel ass summer I was having.

Por Vida: Deathbed, everyone spit their hearts out, over the most Texas beat to ever exist. Deathbed sonic perfection for me, fav song we’ve ever made.

Kenny Casanova: Deathbed the PNTHN Texas anthem, but Flat Swisha got some of the craziest verses.

TwoHorizonRa: I’m a probably have to say Limbo as well. The chorus and name itself describe what I was going through that whole year.

Tre Von Tex: Deathbed we took a trip into the psyche and dove deep. Gangsta boo featuring Okir, who went off, adding to that during that time I broke up with my boo so shit just aligned to talk the shits, we did our thang. Nopalitos represents the bolt boys, all bolts should be going up in the air for this one cause it’s the new national anthem for Texas, for real.

Otto: Trapsody because of how unique the creation was but Fooly Cooly, Limbo and Persona are riot starters.

Tony Tone: Deathbed is probably one of my favorite songs we’ve ever made that shit is an anthem. Trapsody in New York really special memory , I like Blackland a lot too. Those the three for me.

TwoHorizonRa: I remember listening to Trapsody in New York at our airbnb the morning after recording, thinking it was the greatest song ever. That song and Persona have the best memories to me as far as the recording process. Also Gunsmith Interlude cause of how fast we cooked it up. Shit felt so natural.

Julius with the legendary Project Pat just released, how did that song come about?

Tony Tone: Project been pulling moves, he ain’t just rapping in this bitch.

Por Vida: Nephew Hesh had passed me a sample that I ended up chopping, I made the beat around it and Gulf added extra synths. Feel like it accurately describes the state and attitude of PNTHN at the moment.

dc4prez: I made the beat and rapped all the verses.

TwoHorizonRa: Koopsta Knicca ghostwrote my verse.

Gulfwey: The soul of Pimp C possessed my Iphone notes when I was in Atlanta last year.

Kenny Casanova: We make southside shit, it was only right to get a southern legend on that.

The Dimension De La Muerte Tour kicked off in Dallas last night with Pat Ron. What was the first night like?

Gulfwey: Honestly it was kinda weird to see people fucking with us that hard outside of Austin for the first time.

Tony Tone: One of my favorite shows we’ve ever done. It really felt like the start of some crazy shit like a for real staple moment took place in the city.

Tre Von Tex: People reciting the lyrics always gets to me, making me more conscious and aware of what we put out into the world. We traveled dimensions to change peoples lives, can’t get better than that. Bar turned boiler room real quick.

dc4prez: For real, it was fire to throw our own show outside of Austin. It was crazy seeing how many people was rapping along like damn these is OUR fans.

TwoHorizonRa: Shit was therapeutic. So much love was shown, it felt nice to start the tour off in my hometown.

Tony Tone: It was really on some spiritual shit for real like everyone there on the same frequency.

Gulfwey: I was so fucking high.

Tony Tone: All day.

TwoHorizonRa: That nigga Gulf came out in his house shoes. Nigga said what’re all you kids doin on my lawn!

Where are you headed next and what other artists are you bringing out?

dc4prez: We in Houston tomorrow night with Lix, Fade Em All, and Peace. All Houston legends check them out. I’m most excited for Mavi, he gon’ be in Boston. We almost had 645AR and his group SINK OR SWIM but he just happened to start blowing up at the same time, so he got other shit he doing.

Tony Tone: We got one more Texas show, I need Houston to go crazy. Atlanta gonna be fire we got the legend Brian Brown. New York and Boston, very excited to get Ade Hakim and Mavi. LA,  Seafood Sam, fire. Most excited to see Mavi for sure, I know Boston finna go crazy!

TwoHorizonRa: I’m excited to be in LA with the whole damn team for the first time. I want to see what kinda energy gets brought to the table. So many talented artists on our lineup. I’m hype to witness all the sets.

New music obviously is cooking up, what do you guys have on the way?

dc4prez: Follow our OnlyFans.

Gulfwey: Music.

Tony Tone: Music, all flames though.

TwoHorizonRa: We got big sauce boolin up in the wok pot, no crock cause fuck that weird ass nigga. Tryna eat fairies and shit.

Tre Von Tex: We have a baby on the way but we ain’t finna talk about that.

Is there anything else that any of you want to add that we didn’t cover?

TwoHorizonRa: FREE TAY K!



dc4prez: Buy what we selling so I can buy more Fenty.

Tony Tone: Let em know it’s all love and I’m tryna be on an island smoking fat, under a waterfall once I get this rapper money.

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