The Story Behind Mawcus’s Big Debut “Sick Too”

Connecticut is a home of many artist and collectives. As the neighboring state of Boston and New York – it is often looked over. Mawcus is one of many artist hailing from the East Coast that is deserving of more acclaim. Sick Too acts as a debut to his career in music. I asked him for some background on the song.

“The song is a introduction to the magnitude of what I can do on a beat. Flow-heavy lyrical exercises, some motivational game, and insight into Mawcus. When I enjoy a craft, I get competitive, so I treated “Sick Too” like I’m the president giving a State of the Union Address, cause I knew people were going to tune in whether they think I’m valid or it makes them feel some type of way. Loud or quiet. First impressions matter, and I just wanted to step into rap like I’ve been here before.” There is a certain energy behind the song and I would suggest all to take the time to listen and to stay tuned for what’s to come.”

When asked what he see’s for his future, he wants to “Have my presence felt by consistently dropping music, keep making art that’s true to myself & chipping away at my 10,000 hours.”

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