Q Prodigal Speaks On His Latest Project “Loneliness Only Opportunizes Pain and Sadness”

Between Rochester, Buffalo, Niagra Falls, Colorado, North Carolina, emcee Q Prodigal has moved around all his life. Western New York is where he associates as home, as he has spent the most time growing up there. Rap is something he’s been pursuing seriously for the past few years. Over the last year he has put out three projects, two of them are excellent EP’s. The latest is structured more like an album, 13 tracks, all produced by his close friend Kypat. Loneliness Only Opportunizes Pain and Sadness (LOOPS)  is Q’s most personal and honest offering so far.

Kypat has an ear for cutting samples. The project is a never-ending circle of loops. Fitting for the title, Q takes us through circles of his own. He allows his mind, and the elevation of it, to be vividly depicted through his words. A range of emotions are on display from excitement to sorrow. He shows them not only through description but also through his voice. An array of flows are put to the test, his words are spoken like they’re constantly trying to catch up to each other. Different pitches and amounts of passion depend on the mood of the track. His music is reminiscent and evokes nostalgia.

Q Prodigal is only getting started, and the past year has been a subtle introduction. His raps are solid and he has found his sound, his voice. We spoke about the project itself, the differences between past work, his Mom, and his collective below:

How is LOOPS different from the first projects you dropped?

“First project was just Youtube beats, but it had no connection to me, my hear, or my spirit. Second one was a lot more personal. That was the start of me opening up and rapping about the shit I was currently going. It set me on track for this one, this one and the last one are very similar. That’s why I named it Days B4 Loops but backwards (LOOPS 4B Days).”

That was produced by Argov right?

“Yeah, shout out to the guy man. I love Argov that’s a great producer right there. I don’t know, I feel way more connected to it. Every time I listen to it I feel more free. It’s me getting stuff off of my chest really opposed to rapping about being sad. I’m always sad man, I guess this one just gives you different emotions. That’s the big difference.”

How do you think you connected yourself opposed to the other times?

“This time I lived with the person that was making the whole album. We were in the room everyday creating. I was there for the making of every beat, start to finish, it was just us two. It felt so personal. The energy chilling with him, that’s my brother right there.”

Kypat, right? How did you guys get connected?

“Yes sir, the GOAT. We used to go to middle school together, we been friends since like 8th grade. I went out to Colorado to visit last year and I loved that place. I moved out there, we started to get close. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep making music, but his school wasn’t giving him in-state tuition. He said fuck it and dropped out, just started making music 24/7. That was the start of LOOPS.”

What’s your favorite song off the project, for both of you actually if you know his too?

“I think it’s ‘Leannán’ which is Celtic for ‘love’ or ‘love you’, I think. Honestly that might be mine too cause that beat is beautiful. My best rapping is definitely on “Eastside Slugz”, a hundred percent.”

What about “Syrup Sandwiches”?

“That has a story behind it! As soon as I dropped out, I called my Mom in 2017 and said I want to be a rapper. Super scared, she said you just got to start writing then. She didn’t care cause I was an adult, but she said she needed one thing from me. I had to make her a song called ‘Syrup Sandwiches’, this is three years ago. Every time I put out music she’d be asking, ‘where’s my song?’ I had to hear the beat and know it was the one. Once I heard that beat I knew it would be the one, I made it the outro. Nice little surprise for her.”

Do you think your Mom’s support has helped a lot to this point?

“Honestly that’s probably the biggest thing behind me. She has unwavering support. She used to want to be a singer and she would make me mixtapes as lullaby’s to go to sleep. As soon as I told her she was super excited but I took so long to put out music. It took me like two full years to put out music. Once I did she really liked it, from that point on she’s been my number one fan. She’s the closest thing I got to a manager. She’s in my ear everyday telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. I mean, I might not always listen but I probably should.”

Where do you see everything going after LOOPS runs for a minute?

“I would love to do a tour, that’s not going to happen in these times. I was supposed to have a show a week ago to promote it but that also got canceled. I just want people to enjoy this and sit on it for a little bit. Support my other friends from my collective that are dropping soon. I just want to chill on it, see what happens with it. The greatest thing for me would be to get a chance to perform it. I just love those songs.”

Who’s all in your collective?

“The producer that did this whole album, Kypat, shout out him. Rapper named Indigod, rapper named ART who was on “Dust Bunnies” on the album. A producer from LA name FULF. I did a show in Buffalo back in October, GhostOnTapeShow, shout out Amaya, I love you. She booked me for the show, some girl took a video at the show and tagged me in it. Then this dude from Pennsylvania, ART he fucked with it and hit me up. We became friends, Kypat did a beat and we had to get him on it. Then I met Indigod through home, ART also used to hang with FULF before he went to LA. We made a group message and we pretty much just send music all day. I love those guys, they’re my brothers.”

Is there anything you’d like to add?

“I guess I’ll talk about the future. I’m definitely doing another project with Kypat, he just sent a new beat pack and they were all amazing. I’m about to do a project with FULF in LA. Besides that I don’t know, I’m just excited for the future. Excited to see what this album does and what it has in store for me.”



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