“Teen Spirit” & The Upcoming Era Of BIGBABYGUCCI

Loyal fans may come to our site with A Fucking Mixtape in mind. To them the project propelled them into the work of BigBabyGucci. Yet, the Charlotte native has hand sculpted something greater, presented to us in the form of Teen Spirit. A follow up to his last release Send Help, Teen Spirit is a full display of that very progress from his first serious release to the present, as thousands if not hundred of thousands of eager listeners await the project. For them, the days of A Fucking Mixtape, or Romance Isn’t Dead, or Gucci’s Universe, were rememberable, but awaits them will only magnify their attraction to what is clearly the ushering of the next genuine era of rap.

From beginning to end, Teen Spirit captures an entirely different mood from its predecessor, leaving plenty of room for him experiment both in production and how he delivers over it. Fish makes several appearances, helping Gucci push the boundaries we’ve grown use to over the years. He stands beside several other A-list producers such as Harold Harper,WhoIzNAte, Rocco, Lukrative, an AG. The thirteen track journey is a careful mixture of the pleasures and trials he’s faced up to this point, and that will without a doubt resonate with his fans. With A Girl Is A Gun on the horizon, Gucci is well on a path that only leads upward, we can’t wait to see how high he lands. Check out the entire project below and let us know what you think.

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