What Will A Post Pandemic Industry Look Like?

The president has handed over the decision to reopen the economy to state governors, so long as they abide by the measures set in place. That’s great news for other industries, though many won’t be as active as they were before the breakout of coronavirus. But what does all of this mean for the music industry, especially the underground? How quick will artists be able to perform live shows and go on tour? Right now, the internet is still buzzing with releases, as platforms are pushing their own livestream events to fill the void, and artists have plenty of time to focus on their content while on quarantine.

On the other hand, several blogs have turned to massive layoffs and podcasts have reported significantly lower streaming numbers. But other than that, the industry is still churning and maintaining the same activity as before despite the current situation. The most important question to ask is how will things look after this is all over. Artists should start thinking and planning, if they aren’t already, their next move, because once lockdowns are lifted the first few weeks to months will be crucial for anyone looking to regain momentum. Tours will be a tricky business, because not every state will let business open, let alone allow for a large group of people to gather without a vaccine or cure being distributed yet. There’s also no telling how blogs and other platforms will respond.

If you are planning to a major release, like an album, you should plan more carefully, adapting a strategy that doesn’t rely so much on exposure from bigger platforms. At least not yet. Several artists have turned to collaborating more often with artists they may not have before. As for tours, use this time to sift through whatever information you have to see what states or cities would be good stops, because the turnout may be lower than you may expect.

Right now there is still no cure, and probably won’t be one for at least another year. The effect of this will be bigger than anyone can anticipate, so it’s smart for everyone to weigh out every option on the table and thinking a little outside the box, while time is on your side.

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