“Ronsocold” Begins In His Next Chapter

You’ve no doubt both heard and seen his name more than once by now, and that’s not by accident. Ronsocold is one of the underground’s pioneering acts that is still finding ways to evolve. The next chapter in his young and exciting career begins with his massive new self-titled album Ronsocold. Gathering an incredible production lineup with the likes of Richie Souf, Lil Tecca, Rio Leyva, Jetsonmade, Neek, Titobeats, and 1stclass, Ron is able to skate almost effortlessly and in style.

Sticking to his pocket in tracks like Grandma, a timely themed release that preceded the actual album release, he also displays just how much room he has for growth and innovation in tracks like Hitlist, where layers upon layers of his captivating vocals act as the icing on top of the soundscape which beneath him. The rest of the fifteen part project is just as consumable, and where most albums have dead spots here and there, Ron shines throughout. Again, this is all still the beginning of what will be looked back on as a great career. Stay in tune with whatever he has planned next, and make sure you check out the project below.

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