David Shawty – Tinman

The underground’s next breakout star is officially in stride, and nothing could come close to slowing David Shawty down. After watching his numbers spike with Yungster Jack, David is again blazing his own individual path. His latest offer, Tinman, takes us back to the not so distant past where David’s more somber presence caught our adoration. Both styles deserve praise, but there is something a bit more pleasing to his more laid back alternative. Safeguard’s equally pleasing production gives the near three minute offer an extra layer of appeal, supporting his comfortable transitions between notes and in the end inspiring the experimentation we’ve come to love about David.

Without a doubt, David continues his streak with Tinman, and to imagine what he may gift us after this point is both exciting and somewhat frightening seeing as how young his career is. Until his next release, check out the track below and let us know what you think.

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