The Significance Of RonSoCold and His Self Titled Debut Album

The importance of RonSoCold  and his ascension from Soundcloud to major success is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The Charlotte artist was at the forefront of a class of artists and creators who set blueprints for those to come, broadening the possibilities for creatives all over. He started his own distinct sound and ran with it.

PlugNB would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Ron and his uniqueness. Mesmerizing melodies and distinguished auto-tune vocals. From the early days of Lyrical Lemonade and Glone, Ron was around. He was a major contributor to the state of progression for the current underground and a testament to the power the internet holds for artists of all paths.

Back then he was working at Papa Johns, now his debut, self-titled album is out. Things have changed immensely due to Ron’s undeniable talents and ability to build genuine relationships with everyone he works with. The project shows how far he’s come, his vocals are perfected, much effort went into each song. Production is elite with Richie Souf behind a handful of songs to Rio Leyva, Jetsonmade, Menoh, and more. The 15 songs are all done dolo, just how he came in.

We spoke about the album, creating genuine connections, quitting Papa Johns, and more. below:

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

You just dropped your self-titled debut album RonSoCold, how does it feel to have the project out?

“It feels amazing to have the project out!! I’ve never got this much love ever so it’s been a lot to take in but also motivated me to want to apply even more pressure.”

How was the approach to this album different from music you’ve dropped in the past?

“All of these songs have a deeper meaning behind them compared to my previous music released. You can hear the growth and the direction I’m taking things but also keeping things fun for my OG supporters.”

How did you decide on the production for the project? Richie Souf had a grip on there.

“I wanted to work closely with people who I had a relationship with, Richie is my brother he really did half the tape we was gone do a whole tape, shit we probably still would! All these guys on the album just my friends and they compliment my sound.”

Would you say you always make a connection with the producers you work with? Starting out with Polo Boy Shawty, then working with Pierre, Stoopidxool, CaptainCrunch, Ginseng, etc.

“Yes, I always build that relationship I treat everybody I work with like family. They making me sound good on they beats, we building up together, so it’s important to have that relationship with your producers. They are creating the sound.”

Which song is your favorite from the project?

“My favorites on the project are, ‘Grandma’ and ‘Audi’. Both them songs are very fun. I made “Audi’ late as hell in NYC while Tecca was in the studio knocked out, he even mixed the song for me.”

Just a few years ago you were working at Papa Johns, now look where you are. What was the turning point that made you quit that job and put your all into the music?

“Man somebody came into that place and said, ‘you’re RonSoCold, why are you here?’ That shit honestly stuck with me, had me asking myself what the hell am I doing. I saved enough up to go to LA and I went out there, got inspired and when I came back to North Carolina I never went back to that job.”

Did you quit before or after you went and did the Chicago Sleepers interview?

“Nah I was still working when we did the Sleepers interview that was super early in my career. I was working at Papa Johns up until I taught myself to engineer and didn’t have to pay for studio time.”

How did you make those connections with Lyrical Lemonade, Sleepers, DailyChiefers, GLONE?

“All those connections came from me just being on the internet and having similarities with everybody. All them guys are still my family to this day especially Lyrical Lemonade and the Glone guys, we still talk everyday.”

You were early on the Gap, what are some brands that you’re wearing right now?

“Hell yeah I love GAP still, but right now I just wear a lot of my friends brands; Half evil, Kodone’s shit, Lyrical Lemonade, Hollywoodhunna. I love the streetwear shit but I mean designer is cool too.”

Do you still get a lot shit about your hairline?

“*laughs* all the time bro, it’s stuck with me it’s not going nowhere.”

How do you feel about the current scene in Charlotte? In what ways is it different from when you were first coming up?

“It’s different the door is open for opportunity! They got they eyes on us now, they know we got stars here! Thanks to artist like DaBaby & Stunna4Vegas for opening them doors. Charlotte on the map!”

Which artists and producers are you paying attention to in the underground at the moment? 

“To be honest, I only listen to the guys like my friends shit bro, even with producers.”

What are your goals now that the album is out and where do you see your career heading?

“I just want to continue to keep going up, dropping good content, giving the game what it needs. I feel like I got a different sound so when it’s time I’m going to fully takeover my lane in due time.”

Is there anything I might have missed or anybody you’d like to shout out?

“Shout out to you for this interview and to all my fans and supporters for staying with me. It’s been a long time coming for this project and I’ve been getting good feedback so I’m thankful. For real, for real, love y’all! I have so much content dropping for the rest of the year just keep paying attention!”



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