Mavi – End of the Earth

Mavi has undoubtedly been one of the most influential artists out in recent years. His work has never ceased to be well-timed, exceptionally written, transparent, and executed efficiently. The Charlotte native puts himself into each word, each line with poetic clarity. End Of The Earth is the latest EP after serving us a few singles last year while we constantly revisited Let The Sun Talk.

Five songs with the depth of a double-sided album. His words are concise and potent while traveling through smooth transitions into differing sounds. Everything blends perfectly from the production provided by Aloisius, Isaac, Nephew Hesh, and KeemTheCipher. He gets what he needs to off his chest and resonates with the past. You’ll find yourself playing this EP over and over again. Keep running this back and stay tapped in with Mavi as he continues presenting greatness.

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