BoofPaxkMooky & Grimm Doza – RED

RED” is the lead single off of the upcoming BoofPaxkMooky and Grimm Doza tape dropping on the 19th. Both are at the top of their game and raise the anticipation for I’ve Been High for Days. This is a duo that bridges two different worlds but they are excellent at staying on brand. The loop of this single is powerful which is expected since Grimm never misses.

BoofPaxkMooky is rapping clearer and stronger than ever. There is no ceiling on his potential or any question that he can stay true to his style in different pockets. These two are taking things to the next level with this project and have the ability to start a wave of their own. Go run up “RED” while you wait through the weekend for the whole tape on the 19th.


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