Author: Nick Shew

Lunchbox – Drop Em

Going 80 is regular for Lunchbox. Each song he puts out he goes his hardest with aggressive flows and exceptional beat selection. “Drop Em” is his latest following the same pattern; a commanding flow with […]

Veeze – A&W

Veeze has Detroit on his back as he drops off another video full of one-liners and the sickest flow out. “A&W” catches knocking production from D Hill and Veeze runs laps over it. Kicking it […]

Elijah Bank$y – Flee Tape

The Flee Tape is one of the most cohesive and elaborate projects from Elijah Bank$y so far. Taking us through his life with focus on his wardrobe. Over 18 songs he defines his own vision […]

Kevin Holliday – Lonely

Kevin Holliday is a true artist and no matter the pocket his music follows, it’s guaranteed to be done with ease. Taking on a genre-less sound with the ability to incorporate from Alternative, R&B, Funk, […]