Author: Nick Shew

Pocket Lawyer

Inspired by the late Huey P. Newton, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE To all my brothers and sisters out in the field, voicing against the vast and blatant injustices instilled by our corrupt system, you […]

BoofPaxkMooky – Dora !

BoofPaxkMooky has been working harder than most for a minute now. Few artists are dropping as frequently, and with consistent high quality as him. This time he hops on a collaboration from JadaJetski and Cashcache. The mellow, calming […]

Yeat – WE US

Yeat is living a lavish lifestyle and showing it off with designer talk and good gas. We Us is a three song EP depicting that life. He’s applying more pressure, and you can hear it in every […]

Tony Shhnow – BIG DOG

Al Chapo gets in his bag and flips a classic for the SOS top-rank Tony Shhnow to use and give his own version. He proclaims his position as the Big Dog over this extra laid back melody. […]

Endoh – dear me

Slayworld representative Endoh unleashes a whole 17 tracks in his latest Dear Me. It’s no question he’s on his way up, and this is another piece of evidence to back that up. His vocals are distinct, […]