Author: Nick Shew

Zellyocho – Fuck It & 2 VLAD

VLAD. That is the mission Zellyocho has been on with his high-energy music and has been on a consistent run since the original Vlad drop last November. “Fuck It” keeps that streak going with a […]

Tony Shhnow Drops Two New Projects

Tony Shhnow has been receiving the love he’s well deserved from the underground recently. After years of constant work and no slowing up he’s getting shine like never before. 48 Laws of Flower and Authentic […]

Zaminzo – GEEKED

Zaminzo released her first single “GEEKED” a couple months ago but over the last few weeks it has attracted many new fans. Circulating through Soundcloud and gathering new listeners everyday – this one has the […]

Sojabrat – clone

Sojabrat is bringing melodic flows that will put you in a trance. Spaced out melodies with hard drum patterns set the scene for her to jump in and out of different deliveries. Her first EP […]

Lil Yen – Yours Truly

Lil Yen is an artist who has worked hard and created an organic fan base around him. Doing nothing but posting the music and letting people gravitate to it. Yours Truly is the latest project […]

Cybertrash – u can stop

With only four songs out so far, Cybertrash is still making his introduction. Defining vocals over sounds ranging from deep, piano melodies to more spaced out pop like the latest “u can stop”. Tommy Richman […]

Blankfac3 – #inthesky

After starting the year off with drop after drop and showing fans the time he’s on, Blankfac3 kept in the cut for a few months. Back with an EP for his birthday #inthesky is here. […]