Author: Nick Shew

Guapo Cobe – Get Left!

When you hear “SoMuchSauce”, you know that what follows is a guaranteed classic. Guapo Cobe put the options on the table, get right or “Get Left!”. He lays out ambitious dreams of lavish living and making a million, […]

Conway – Fredo Joint

The machine is fed up, and it doesn’t get any grimier than this. Conway is easily one of the most skilled artists out at the moment . Graymatter laces him with a dark loop in his […]

Autumn! – Hollywood

Autumn! makes a strong return with his new three track project Hollywood. By now you’ve no doubt seen Slayer’s name throughout the underground, and his production is a standout component that gives Autumn! just what […]

ATL Smook – Trackhawk

When you’re rocking with Evolving Public, you’re probably about to hear some heat. The RR General ATL Smook  makes his luxurious entrance here with his new exclusive offer TrackHawk. Smook speaks on everything from drip to […]

Slime Dollaz – Hood Olympics

Slime Dollaz makes a triumphant return and this time around he’s accompanied with CashCache’s production. Cash might be the most consistent producer in the underground at the moment, and if you ever see his name […]

The PNTHN Speaks On “Death Dimension”, “Julius” With Project Pat, & Their Tour

Eight musically inclined individuals coming together to carry a sound that bleeds Texas. Each of them excel at a particular craft, but they are all multitalented. Por Vida is an acclaimed producer and the group’s spirit guide. Tony Tone contributes unparalleled lyricism. Dc4prez is the nocturnal rapper from San Antonio. Kenny Casanova, the rapper from the dark side. TwoHorizonRa raps, engineers, and is an honorary member of the Akagi RedSuns. Otto plays DJ and producer, but can also go toe to toe with anyone in and outside his circle. Gulfwey raps and produces, the self-proclaimed bad guy of the group. Tre Von Tex, coming from Houston, raps and produces when he feels like it.

On the creative side Hotel Party contributes photography, and Christocantsee stands as leading videographer, K3ltron is the VHS videographer and designer. Hamze stands as the oracle of the group and assistant in the creative direction. As one, they are PNTHN. The group has taken off since their arrival on the scene in 2017. It has all been up from there, they have created a genuine fan base right in their home court. Winning over the people of Texas by carrying the torch of a deeply rooted southern sound. Taking control over every crowd that they entertain and connecting with people in a humanistic manner. They have come full circle and created a distinct sound that mirrors their lives, and the lives of those who listen. It is exactly what they want to hear.

September marked the release of the cohesive and defining project Death Dimension. The hefty thirteen track album essentially embodies what it means to make southside music. The project has been renowned by many and it is still rolling with a full head of steam. New music is right around the corner, as they’ve already started unleashing the storm.

I got the chance to speak with them as they’re kicking off the “Dimension De La Muerte Tour”.

Jurp – Stop Faking The Sauce

BetrayalVsTrust! is still doing incredible things this year. Jurp is a unstoppable talent. His vocals are pristine, and he proves this once again on the latest offer Stop Faking The Sauce. A flute is the […]

Summrs – So Easy

Summrs shows us just why he is underground elite once again with his latest release “So Easy” . As he details everything from buying designer, chasing a dream and lining up accolades its easy to see […]