Author: Nick Shew

Slime Dollaz – Pop Out

Another hot Beez Exclusive surfaces, this time the anaconda himself Slime Dollaz is the featured artist. Dylvinci gives the snakeheaded artist an enlightening soundscape to slither through. “Pop Out” describes his style, fast lifestyle and days in the streets. […]

BoofPaxkMooky – Bands

BoofPaxkMooky  makes perfect music to listen to at any moment. Song after song he delivers the essential ambience we need. Chinatown lays out a blueprint that bleeds new-age trap, thumping 808s and an enthralling melody […]

Goonie – This Thing of Ours

Cleveland’s go-getter, Goonie has kept us satisfied again and again. Never bummy, everything he does is luxurious. This Thing of Ours is only the beginning, the prelude to something much greater. Five defining tracks, depicting the never changing, check […]

Wiardon – Stay Away

Wiardon has been hard at work in the field, in the booth, and on the boards. He’s been stacking his earnings any way he can and enjoying it all. Stay Away is a quick five track offering, something […]

$oFaygo – 4U

By now its pretty obvious,$oFaygo is next. That much is undeniable, as the hard to reach artist has been on a streak lately. His presence relies less on his social media and more on the power […]

Guapo Cobe – Get Left!

When you hear “SoMuchSauce”, you know that what follows is a guaranteed classic. Guapo Cobe put the options on the table, get right or “Get Left!”. He lays out ambitious dreams of lavish living and making a million, […]

Conway – Fredo Joint

The machine is fed up, and it doesn’t get any grimier than this. Conway is easily one of the most skilled artists out at the moment . Graymatter laces him with a dark loop in his […]

Autumn! – Hollywood

Autumn! makes a strong return with his new three track project Hollywood. By now you’ve no doubt seen Slayer’s name throughout the underground, and his production is a standout component that gives Autumn! just what […]