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Monday Morning Mix 3/12

We’re back with a new morning mix. This time around we’ve teamed up with a talented young¬†DJ Access Denied to give you one of our best sessions yet that features tracks from D Savage, Pollari, […]

Mikeythasavage – Pit$top

  Mikeythasavage is easily one 0f the best to come out of Baltimore in recent years. His raw wordplay and smooth cadence is easy on the ears and every song is as repayable as the […]

Lil Coupe – Burglar Bars

  Forever World’s most notable duo Lil Coupe and Unathletic return for yet another crazy track “Burglar Bars”. Following a brief hiatus Coupe has already released a project “187 Cutthroat Drive” that was received well […]

Get To Know: Deaf

  Every producer isn’t promised a long and fruitful career and success is hard to measure. Countless hours staring at a screen, often deleting entire beats or bringing it back to square one while feeling […]

Monday Morning Mix 3/5

  We’re back with another “Monday Morning Mix” to get your day started the right way. Featuring tracks from Nessly, Jurpp, Tracy, Prettyboiclique, and Duwap, this may be our best yet. Check it out for […]

Duwap Kaine – Southside

  Duwap Kaine has become one of Soundcloud’s best, all in the span of about a year. His last four or five releases have all hit close to or over a million plays, and its […]


  Two very stylistic producers released an exciting new collaborative instrumental tape that will be appreciated in the underground for quite some time. For years LordFubu and Icytwat pioneered an entirely new sound for producers, […]