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BoofPaxkMooky – Dora !

BoofPaxkMooky has been working harder than most for a minute now. Few artists are dropping as frequently, and with consistent high quality as him. This time he hops on a collaboration from JadaJetski and Cashcache. The mellow, calming […]

Tony Shhnow – BIG DOG

Al Chapo gets in his bag and flips a classic for the SOS top-rank Tony Shhnow to use and give his own version. He proclaims his position as the Big Dog over this extra laid back melody. […]

Save – In The City

Save is pushing the boundaries with his elevated R&B style. Deep vocals and ominous melodies, his music is perfect for late night rides. Combining a dark sound with lyrics detailing the way he moves around the […]

Slime Dollaz – Red Zone

Slime Dollaz catches an eloquent beat from GoSakke and showcases his talents in his latest offer Red Zone, a necessary exclusive to add to your library. Slime slides with confidence and reminds us of his above-average abilities. […]

Summrs Unloads Two New Songs

Summrs has raised the bar, all the while keeping his position at the forefront of the underground. Leading a charge with his enthralling melodic vocals and bag chasing mentality, he drops off a two piece […]

Joony – Expensive Taste

They can’t put Joony in a box. This man can excel with any sound. “Expensive Taste” takes on the sound of the current West Coast, nervous music at it’s finest. Joony sounds like he’s in his element, and clearly […]

Slime Dollaz – Pop Out

Another hot Beez Exclusive surfaces, this time the anaconda himself Slime Dollaz is the featured artist. Dylvinci gives the snakeheaded artist an enlightening soundscape to slither through. “Pop Out” describes his style, fast lifestyle and days in the streets. […]

BoofPaxkMooky – Bands

BoofPaxkMooky  makes perfect music to listen to at any moment. Song after song he delivers the essential ambience we need. Chinatown lays out a blueprint that bleeds new-age trap, thumping 808s and an enthralling melody […]

Reddo & 3AGPilot – Cold Shoulder

Making a phenomenal return to Fresh Fruit, Reddo teams up with 3AGPilot in a new Act produced offer Cold Shoulder. Each chilling verse and catchy hook makes the two minute listen one to remember, but […]