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Next: BKTheRula

BK BK! BK Santana. BKTheRula. That name will ring bells if it doesn’t already. Almost a year ago this Atlanta artist began buzzing, it’s only been up from there. The release of “Faygo”, one of […]

Fresh Fruit Picks Of 2019

The year is far from over, but so much music has already been released. Our team decided to give you guys a short list of our favorite songs this year. Trademark’s Picks Autumn! – Chuck […]

Hottest Summer Picks: 2016-2019

The spring, fall and winter seasons all come bearing really good music and smooth transitions by artists from there experimental origins to being on the cusp of international fame , but it’s the summer that […]

The Overlooked: Maxo – Smile

Def Jam’s Maxo has a way of telling his narrative in relatable detail. Unifying himself and the listener. Describing and exploring his conscience directly over the mic. Free thought. Thoughts that run through all our […]

The Power of the Physical Copy

How society takes in music has changed drastically since the invention of the record player. In 2019, a record player seems obsolete, useless even. Streaming tends to be the common go-to when it comes to […]

Wiardon Has Been Moving All 2019

Austin’s young but wise beyond his years all-around Hip-Hop machine Wiardon can’t take his foot off the gas. Lead foot. In the past six months he’s been all over the map. Putting out a prestigious 11 […]