Ro J. – Peace & Love

Peace & Love is the introduction to a talented new emcee Ro J. A three song EP that serves as a grand entrance for his pen and flows. The mindful, smooth lyrics paired with strong […]

Tony Shhnow – MANUVERIN

Tony Shhnow doesn’t stop working as he stays true to how he came in; consistency. Collaborating with fellow game changer CashCache for another memorable song “Manuverin”. The signature production provides a home court advantage for […]

BoofPaxkMooky – Whitney

One of our favorites is staying consistent as always. BoofPaxkMooky is on a roll with yet another hit “Whitney”. Off this earth production from Dylvinci and Trillgotjuice set the scene for the playmaker Mooky. It’s […]

Whiterosemoxie – ihop

Whiterosemoxie is a name you better get familiar with, he’s on the way to being a star. After releasing a phenomenal project White Ceilings earlier in the year he returns with a new single “ihop”. […]

BBKnight – Girls Go Wild

BBKnight is still moving off his recent project Industry’s Unaccepted. Dropping off a new single “Girls Go Wild” to keep the momentum up. Featuring production euphoric production from Glumboy and SalCoopr. BB shows no signs […]

Jurp – What Do I Know

Jurp is back with new music that we’ve all been waiting for. “What Do I Know” is a great surprise for the fans and assured us that he still doesn’t miss. Bringing a laid back […]

MetroWorldPeace – discomfort

Discomfort is an EP that offers light loops and mellow bars from Metroworldpeace. Six songs that give the Idaho emcee an outlet to display his thoughts. He raps in a reflecting tone looking back on […]

redveil – Niagra

Instantly after finding Redveil you will know that this artist is on his way to greatness. There are few occasions when artists immediately present themselves as something extraordinary, this dude is special. At only the age […]

Vonte* – #Reincarnation 2

With constantly evolving vocals that always make him standout, Vonte* returns with his second project of the year. #Reincarnartion 2 sticks to his usual playbook, Surreal Gang beats and vibrant auto-tuned flows. He is capable […]