Tag: ATL Smook

ATL Smook – 2sides

ATL Smook is at it again, this time around teaming up with Dazegxd and Yen5k for 2sides. Smook is known for his stylistic drift over bright soundscapes, and this track brings all of that and […]

ATL Smook – 2 Many

By now you’ve surely seen and heard ATL Smook, as he’s one of the few artists operating with his longevity and consistency. The Rude is back bearing gifts, releasing a brand new Rodney produced offer […]

ATL Smook – Trackhawk

When you’re rocking with Evolving Public, you’re probably about to hear some heat. The RR General ATL Smook¬† makes his luxurious entrance here with his new exclusive¬†offer TrackHawk. Smook speaks on everything from drip to […]

ATL Smook – Presidents

Rude pioneer ATL Smook returns to our pages to pour over deceased and EJ‘s production in his new DJ Phat exclusive single Presidents. Making the most of his laid back style, Smook walks through a […]

ATL Smook – Dior Frames

ATL Smook is a sure underground legend, and his longevity is proof of that. He’s back with a rude new release Dior Frames, produced by Akachi, who has been instrumental to many hit singles in […]