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David Shawty – Smokin Toothpaste

David Shawty returns to our pages with an exciting new Fadeblackid produced single Smokin Toothpaste. The rising artist and soon to be star turns his voice pitch up a couple notches over Faded’s rumbling 808’s, […]

david shawty – garbagecan

After just releasing a new EP earlier in the week, David Shawty returns with another new single “garbage can.” There has yet to be a single song that David has released that I’ve been disappointed […]

Eddy Benz – Dub!

New Orleans newcomer Eddy Benz popped up on my radar tonight with David Shawty in their single Dub!. The track is produced Lucrative and Undefined, and together they lay the foundation for a nice addition […]

David Shawty – L34v1ng

David Shawty is keeping his momentum going this year, releasing a new single L34v1ng, produced by fadedblackid. The two have announced a new joint project is on the way, so the new offer is a […]

David Shawty – Gravey444rd

        David Shawty continues his hot streak of nonstop hits with a new fadedblackid produced single “gravey444rd.” The track is crazy and even better than his last release “the notebook.” Fadedblackid’s production […]