Tag: Lil Xelly

Lil Xelly – Decisions

Under the cover of night, a spare Lil Xelly track was released via Sadbalmain‘s page, titled Decisions. With a somewhat darker tone, Xelly grabs hold to each thudding 808, issuing out subtle threats, or perhaps […]

Lil Xelly – YNW Melly ft. Gleesh

Rockville, Maryland’s Lil Xelly links up with Gleesh for a DMV anthem titled YNW Melly. The two join forces for an incredibly catchy release that might’ve just put a whole lot more people onto Lil […]

Lil Xelly & Cortdot – New Purse

This is a gem. One of those exclusives that few people know of but it’s a slap. Cortdot provides a mind boggling beat for Rockville’s hardest worker Lil Xelly. In just over a minute he takes total control, […]

Lil Xelly – Old Thang Pro

Lil Xelly has transcended anything we could have predicted, and now the Rockville legend is back with a new single Old Thang Pro. The airy production is reminiscent of his previous classics, but swxfft adds […]