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RIP Eternal – Common Sense

RIP Eternal of Circle 5 is still moving strong, and marks today another celebration with his new ssort produced single Common Sense. Success breeds happiness no doubt, but it also welcomes deceitful people. But Eternal […]

RIP Eternal – Count Like A Nerd

RIP Eternal‘s ascent continues with the release of his new Jetskiii produced single Count Like A Nerd. ¬†As he makes an elegant entrance to the beautiful melody it becomes obvious why he’s been picked as […]

Rip Eternal – Righty

It’s been a while since his last release, but Rip Eternal finally makes his return to our pages with a new thiccjawn produced single Righty. The rising underground rapper takes nearly two minutes of tremendous […]

RIP Eternal – Cyborg

RIP Eternal proves again and again why he’s one the underground’s watch list, and returns to our pages with an impressive new single Cyborg. He grabs enticing production from garystump and sadbalmain, who supply him […]

RIP Eternal – Bleachers

Following up his explosive single “Bogus,” RIP Eternal is back with another fantastic song in “Bleachers.” RIP selects Mahoney to orchestrate a beautiful instrumental that’s a bit somber in sound, reflecting RIP’s mind state on […]

Rip Eternal – Zero

Not long after his last release, Rip Eternal hits Soundcloud with a new single Zero. The track is powered by Tobias’s eery production, where Eternal creeps along with sorrowful words and rhythm. Circle 5 Records […]

Rip Eternal – Pinch Me

As we approach the end of the year, Rip Eternal is not slowing down at all. He returns to us with a new single Pinch Me, an Eera and Harrison produced track that puts you […]

RIP ETERNAL – One Last Dance

After releasing his recent album “runt” in July, RIP Eternal has continued to flood fans with even more music, releasing numerous singles almost every week since then and today, he blesses us with another one […]

Rip Eternal – Since June

Not long after his last release Rip Eternal is back with a new single titled Since June, produced by Tobias. The soft melody is enough to make Eternal reflect on his father, and over the […]

Rip Eternal – Our House 2?

Rip Eternal returns to our pages with two new singles titled Our House 2?, produced by Undefined. Eternal is coming off several releases like No Matter, and Diabetes which dropped earlier this year. Both tracks […]