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Vonte – Not Adding Up

Orlando favorite Vonte is on the move again, reaching out to Sadbalmain, , Blvnts, Snoozed, Deceased, and Flashbang for the production on his latest offer Not Adding Up. You can’t really compare him to anything […]

Vonte* – B4 (V4)

Releasing a three-pack titled B4 (V4), Vonte* makes it clear more is on the way. He’s already stayed consistent with releases to start of the year and these three songs continue bringing the surreal sounds. […]

Vonte* – Bloodthirsty

Vonte* doesn’t ever take his foot off the gas. Keeping the pressure on since Reincarnation 2, dropping a single damn near every week. His intoxicating sound returns on a DJ Gren8de exclusive EP – Bloodthirsty. […]

Vonte* – Try It

Vonte* is back with a new single that’s right on brand for his ambient sound. Maajins holds down production that takes us to outer space. Each song he continues to expand and perfect his vocal […]

Vonte* – #Reincarnation 2

With constantly evolving vocals that always make him standout, Vonte* returns with his second project of the year. #Reincarnartion 2 sticks to his usual playbook, Surreal Gang beats and vibrant auto-tuned flows. He is capable […]

Vonte – Amari II

I listen to Vonte daily because his music is triumphant. There is a power in his sound, and it is carried heavily by feeling. The beats he choses are always superior. He knows exactly what his […]