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Xanman$hawty – Too Industry

Houston upstart Xanman$hawty returns to our pages with yet another hit Too Industry. The JBand$ produced offer features an ever more confident Xanman, who’s bravado is a perfect match for the somewhat laid back and […]


Houston’s own XANMAN$HAWTY is handling the delivery of addicting sounds yet again with his new offer Colors 2, produced by frequent collaborators A$att and AltoSGP. Over heavy hitting 808s and an angelic melody, Xanman recreates […]

Xanman$hawty – Real Spill EP

AXanMan$hawty is back again with another EP, Real Spill. This is his fourth project so far and the year is far from over. Real Spill is a short and sweet three track offer that showcases his […]

XANMAN$HAWTY – Deeper Than Rap

Houston’s XanMan$hawty brings the pressure on Deeper Than Rap, 11 tracks of surreal music. Flexed up, no features, he shines on his own stage. The second project in a month, he’s going all in for 2020, no holding […]


Just like the title says, Houston’s own XANMAN$HAWTY has been moving Nonstop this year, and continues to do with the new A$att and Corey Lingo produced offer. His quick delivery is unmatched, and while stacking […]


Making a phenomenal return to us here at Fresh Fruit, Houston’s XANMAN$HAWTY gifts us a new two track EP TIVA, produced by Eddie Gianni and Cortdot. Coupling his unforgettable flow with the addicting production behind him, Xanman once […]


Houston is alive once more as it’s budding star XANMAN$HAWTY is back with an all new A$att produced single Ego. Returning to his forte, he maneuvers through glossy and colorful soundscapes riddled with an addicting […]

Xanman$hawty – GOLD

Houston’s Xanman$hawty has been enjoying the fruits of his labor this year, but he’s far from finished, making his way back to our pages with a new A$att produced hit GOLD.